Karen Hayman Meintser
Name: Tom
Name: Cathey Andrews
City: Brewster
State/Province: Massachusetts
Relation: Little Buddy
Tribute: Dear Karen, My life has been so blessed having a little buddy like you, we've shared so many good times as well as the bad ones too. Friendships like ours only come along once in a lifetime and there is no one else that could ever fill your shoes. You are now my guardian angel until the time has come for us to be together again someday. Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful life. Your forever friend & little buddy always, Cathey xxxooo

Name: Sue Calloway Ewan
Address: 6029 Revere Place
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75206
Home Phone: 214-823-9711
Email Address: susu3359@sbcglobal.net
Relation: Acquaintance
From: work
Tribute: Karen was a wonderful, sweet, funny, creative and caring person with whom I had the pleasure of working. She was always quick with a smile and kind word in an atmosphere that could be very tense one day and lots of fun the next. I feel very fortunate to have seen her at the Cattle Baron's Ball about a year ago, where she looked radiant and seemed so happy. We ran into each other several times that night after not crossing paths for a few years. We had the opportunity to catch up on each other's lives while standing in a long line in front of the ladies' room . . . it was a great visit that will now serve as one of my many fond memories of Karen.

Name: Alan and Jane Brommel
Address: 910 Cherry Parkway
City: Norwalk
State/Province: Iowa
Zip/Postal Code: 50211
Home Phone: 515-981-4330
Email Address: brommel4@mchsi.com
Relation: Sister and Brother in Law of Joe Mulvihill
From: Alan and Jane Brommel and family
Tribute: Anneke and family, We are so sorry for your loss. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Name: Carol and Butch Jantz
Address: 4107 Washington Rd
City: Kenosha
State/Province: Wisconsin
Zip/Postal Code: 53144
Home Phone: 262-654-9120
Email Address: children@execpc.com
Relation: sister-in-law to Anneke / Sister to Ray
From: Carol
Tribute: I have been blessed to have a friend like Karen for so many many years. I feel she was like a sister to me like Anneke is. She has always been such a positive and fun person. I will miss her crazy jokes she would e-mail me. A few weeks ago she told me she was so very tired - tired of fighting this illness - I told her she couldn't give up even tho I knew she had gone through so much - I knew I was being selfish - I wanted her to stay with us -- she gave this disease the best fight to the very end that anyone could have ever given it. She is now resting, free of any pain but will always be watching over all of us. I'm so very happy that I was able to visit with her this past Memorial Day weekend - my memories and the pictures taken that weekend will always be with me.

Name: Jimmy & Cindy Higgenbottom
Address: 620 Quailhollow Dr.
City: Mesquite
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75150
Home Phone: 9722798864
Email Address: Hollcinjimhanna@msn.com
Relation: One of my Very Best Friends
From: Cindy Higgenbottom
Tribute: Karen will forever live in our hearts, she was the sunshine to every morning of my days, She was one of the happiest people I know, she loved her family and mine. Thank you for sharing your life with my family. Tante Karen you were such a inspiration to all of our lifes. I will miss you more than you will ever know. I love you, Cindy

Name: Jerry & Ann Chessher
Address: 2816 CR 676
City: Devine
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 78016
Home Phone: 830-709-4520
Email Address: dutchglo@aol.com
Relation: Cousin
From: Jerry & Ann Chessher
Tribute: Wishing you our deepest sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Augie Winnubst
Relation: friend and relative
Tribute: I will never forget the first day I met Karen. I met the whole family in one day! I felt very guarded......then I met Karen. By her sweet smile and her wonderfully candid humor I was disarmed. She was my very first hint at what an incredible family I was entering into. She accepted me instantly and I knew this was a family I would be safe with. Her generous heart never changed and I always felt loved by her. I will miss her big wonderful kisses and hugs. Thank you Nell and Henk for giving life to such a wonderful spirit we are all so lucky to have her in our lives. She will be the brightest star in the sky!

Name: John & Mary Campbell
Address: 2944 Golfing Green Dr.
City: Dallas, TX
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75234
Home Phone: 972-241-3266
Email Address: cjohnf@aol.com
Relation: friend
From: John & Mary Campbell
Tribute: Dear Nel, Henk and family, Our deepest sympathy to all of you. May happy memories of Karen help you to cope with her loss. We will always remember Karen as a friendly, smiling beautiful person. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Our love to each of you.

Name: Senita Peck
Address: 2334 So. St. Augustine
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75217
Home Phone: 972-557-5077
Email Address: speck@dpsinc.biz
Relation: Friend
From: Senita
Tribute: I have known Karen for many years and I personally will miss her dearly. We have had alot of laughs and crys over the years in this business. My deepest symphathy goes out to her family. Love ya and will miss you, Senita

Name: Bob Brown & Chari Short
Address: 19828 CR 324
City: Terrell
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75160
Home Phone: 972/524-1249
Email Address: bob@bsranch.com
Relation: Friend
From: Showco and Communilux
Tribute: Karen was a beautiful woman who always had a smile, which we will so greatly miss. Words fail us at a time like this, but we're so glad to have had her friendship and love for so many years.

Name: Jeff Allen
Address: 541 Ramona Ave.
City: Sierra Madre
State/Province: California
Zip/Postal Code: 91024
Email Address: jallen@rosemail.org
Relation: Cousin
From: Jeff Allen
Tribute: Unfortunately, I did not get to see Karen many times but I really enjoyed the time I did have with her. The last time I saw her, she reinforced a characteristic that I believed in that I have carried with me. That characteristic was to find in laughter/humor in good times as well as in bad times. Karen, I know you will missed by all and I know that you are now in a safe place. Love, Jeff

Name: Danny & Kerri, Chaze Slatinsky
Address: 10088 Richard Cir.
City: Forney
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75126
Home Phone: 9725645181
Relation: Very Good Friend
From: Kerri Slatinsky
Tribute: We loved you very much Karen. Love, Kerri Slatinsky

Name: Tracy Lopez
Address: 3421 Sheffield Cir.
City: Plano
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75075
Home Phone: 972-599-7678
Email Address: tracyalopez@comcast.net
Relation: friend/co-worker
From: Communilux Prod.
Tribute: Karen was a very special person. She had a very special attachment to children and animals. They adored her and she adored them. The Lord has a special place in his heart for people of such character. I considered her one of my best friends and will cherish my memories of our times together. My prayers are with her family for they have suffered the greatest loss of such a wonderful woman. God Bless.

Name: Kathe Flannigan
Address: PO Box 1503
City: Princeton
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75407
Home Phone: 972-839-3764
Email Address: flanigan.k@att.net
Relation: Friend
From: Special Friend
Tribute: Karen will be truely missed. She was a very happy, funny, loving person and I wish I could have got to know her better. She always seemed so happy and enthusiastic. Karen had a very good life with many good friends, family and the Lord whom she walked with. The Lord blessed and protected her; The Lord's face radiated with joy because of her; She showed her graciousness, she showed you her favor, and he gave her peace. "Peace be to her friends and family". She is an "Angel" with wings that can fly....

Name: Julius Vingerelli
Name: david hoey
Address: 440 West 24th Street Penthouse-A
City: New York
State/Province: New York
Zip/Postal Code: 10011
Name: The Stormonths
Address: Colley Hill Farm
City: Colmworth
State/Province: International
Zip/Postal Code: England
Home Phone: 011 44 1234 376735
Email Address: stormonth@ntlworld.com
Relation: Friends
From: Cathy Mick Eleanor and Phil
Tribute: Hello there, We send you our sincere and heartfelt best wishes and great sympathy after the sudden death of Karen. We first met Karen at that wonderful Thanksgiving party at Anneke and Ray's house and we hit it off straightaway. She was so warm and friendly and made us feel so welcome to the USA and told us funny stories and made us laugh. We met her several times and it was always a pleasure to see her. She faced all her difficulties with grace and dignity. She always looked on the bright side of life. We will remember Karen as a bubbly and lovely lady who will be sadly missed. We have remembered her in our prayers and at Mass today here in England. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Name: Belinda Oblak, R.N.
Address: 3260 Black Champ Rd.
City: Midlothian
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 76065
Home Phone: 972/937-2911
Email Address: belinda@ectisp.net
Relation: oncology nurse
Tribute: To All of Karen's Family: I am so sorry I was unable to be here for Karen's funeral, as I was on vacation in New Mexico and Arizona and only returned on Sept. 7. I stopped by her room on Wednesday afternoon to tell her I was leaving town, and that I wanted her to know I loved her, as I knew I would not be seeing her again in this life. Over the past couple of years, Karen had become much more than a patient to me - she had turned into a wonderful friend; indeed, we sometimes felt like sisters. Unfortunately, time slipped by too quickly and we did not get to do a lot of the things we had planned. What a fighter she was! Even when she felt the worst, she was always smiling, and brightened up our days in the chemo room with funny stories or jokes. She was such a loving, giving person! On numerous occasions, she brought us cakes from the Black Forest Bakery, in her usual thoughtful manner. She also gave me a very old Native American pottery bowl, because she knew it would mean a lot to me. She called me the next morning and said "Well, did you eat your Cheerios in THE BOWL this morning?" I told her no, but I just wanted to sit and hold it and look at it for hours! I am so thankful she gave it to me, for it is a tangible thing from Karen I can look at every day and it will remind me of her. I loved her and will miss her so much. I will hear her voice in my head for a long time to come. I know she is looking down on us now, with a body that is perfectly healthy and whole! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Belinda

Name: Ton and Pat
Relation: Uncle and Aunt
From: "Dong Bear" and Tante Pat
Tribute: An adorable little girl.....a funny child who wanted to find me more ironing to do because I liked it so much and who wanted to sit by the window at school "in case my daddy drives by"......a woman with lovelight shining from her eyes, a friend and helper to all, especially those lost and lonely who came into her life. Karen, darling, we love and miss you and hope you are "sitting fat" for all of us in heaven when we will see you again in the glory of God's presence. Uncle Ton and Tante Pat

Name: Richard Hollander
Address: 10119 Ridgehaven Dr.
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75238
Home Phone: 214/341-0557
Email Address: richard@abbott-ipco.com
Relation: Friend
From: Richard, Janice, and Ryan Hollander
Tribute: The thing I remember the most about Karen was that she would do anything for anyone who needed help. Always had a great attitude about life. She touched our lives tremendously. Always putting others before herself. I will always remember Karen as a warm and thoughtful person. I feel fortunate that I was able to know her. My life is more enriched by our friendship. I know in my heart that she is in a better place. God rest her soul. Love you always, Karen. The Hollanders

Name: Nova Meintser
Address: 1520 S. Main
City: Belvidere
State/Province: Illinois
Zip/Postal Code: 61008
Home Phone: 815-544-1600
Email Address: supernova626@hotmail.com
Relation: aunt/neice
From: Nova
Tribute: ~*Tante Karen*~ You were always five minutes away. Always ready to laugh about things with me. In fact, I remember our last time together this past summer. You brought out a picture of me from when i was little and we had a big laugh about it! It was the one of me from when one of your birds landed on my shoulder, I got so excited that I wet my pants! You will always be in my thoughts! Love Always, ~*Nova*~

Name: kimmy dee winnubst
Address: 9810 mercer dr.
City: dallas
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75228
Email Address: kdwinnubst@aol.com
Relation: cousin
From: from birth
Tribute: Karen was my cousin, but she was so much more than that. She was my giggling buddy, my silly pal, my confidante and my true friend. It was fun living so close by. I still cannot believe she is really gone. She will affect my life for the rest of my life. Her presence is all around my house and my heart. I already miss her dearly. After this past weekend, a cactus she had given me sprouted a new branch. It had not grown at all since she gave it to me. I know Karen is all around me spiritually as well and I have to thank her for that. I'm having a hard time in missing her, but it was SO WORTH IT knowing her! She is the best!

Name: Theresa Hood
Address: 702 Holly Oak
City: Lewisville
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75067
Home Phone: 972-420-6365
Email Address: txbouvresq@aol.com
Relation: friend
From: Bouvier Rescue (Amica)
Tribute: Karen and I first met through her wish to adopt a bouvier after the loss of her beloved Shadow. I had Amica, and Karen came and met her....they loved one another instantly! She got right down on the floor with her and buried her face in Amica's fur, and cried....she thought Amica was so beautiful, and Amica, in return, kissed Karen, the first sign of affection that I had seen since she had been with me. Over a period of time we came to know each other better and Karen delighted me with tales of her parents, her fathers love of bouviers in particular, and her childhood. Karen was a wonderful person, a true lover of animals, a kind soul, and a dear friend. I will miss her greatly, and I will care for her beloved Amica as I know she would have wished..... God Bless you all in this difficult time. I know Karen fought hard, and loved you very very much. Theresa Hood American Bouvier Rescue League

Name: Ann Gaither
Address: 7799 Royal Lane
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 75230
Home Phone: 214-692-7765
Email Address: cagaither@sbcglobal.net
Relation: Acquaintance
From: 1988
Tribute: I met Karen when she and Vince were married. I was married to David Elmore; he and Vince were friends. Karen became very special to me as time went by. We didnt' see each other very often, but talked on the phone. I didn't know she was gone until today, (3/23/04). I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful person. Sincerely, Ann Gaither

Name: Kathleen Winwright
Address: 2866 CR 676
City: Devine
State/Province: Texas
Zip/Postal Code: 78016
Home Phone: 830 665 6495
Email Address: kittykatscat25@msn.com
Relation: cousin
From: Kathleen
Tribute: My memories of Karen always include her laughter, beautiful smile, and warm open heart. Poetry is a wonderful way to express and connect with our emotions. I hope this poem by Rumi touches and brings comfort to all who were blessed by knowing and loving Karen. On the Day I Die by Rumi On the day I die When I?m being carried toward the grave Don?t weep Don?t say, she?s gone She?s gone Death has nothing to do with going away The sun sets and the moon sets But they?re not gone Death is a coming together The tomb looks like a prison But it?s really release into union The human seed goes down In the ground like a bucket Into the well where Joseph is It grows and comes up Full of some unimagined beauty Your mouth closes here And immediately opens With a shout of joy there